Funerals:  A Brief Introduction

Funeral liturgies are for the living and are a vital part of the grieving and healing process. They give families and friends a formal way of remembering and saying goodbye. No one should omit having at least some type of funeral service.

Funeral Arrangements

Families are encouraged to approach Deacon Doug regarding arrangements for funeral services before they make plans with a funeral home. This is even more necessary when cremation is to be used.  Deacon Doug will help facilitate in the planning of the liturgy and other decisions that will need to be made.  Please call the parish office at 403-948-5394 to arrange to speak with Deacon Doug.

Funeral details can begin to be made by completing our funeral arrangements forms.  Please bring this to your appointment with Deacon Doug.

Catholics and Cremation

Cremation and the Liturgy

Reading Selections