Parish Councils


  • Fr. Julian Studden
  • Deacon Doug Lynch
  • Deacon Ted d’Haene
  • Deacon Rob Mclean
  • Suzanne Regnier
  • Heidi Pack
  • Michelle Trembley
  • Sr. Lucille Field
  • Tina Steffler
  • Keith Sander
  • Logan Pittman
  • Jun Martin
  • Alice Hanson
  • Lisa Revoy  (Chairperson)
  • Susan Tripp (Secretary)

The general function of the Parish Pastoral Council is to advise the Pastor in those pastoral matters presented to it by the Pastor. It carries out its function by:
• Informing the Pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members;
• Developing and reviewing a parish mission statement and periodically re-evaluating and revising it;
• Developing a parish pastoral plan;
• Participating in ongoing pastoral planning;
• Recommending policies, procedures and programs which would assist in the implementation of the mission statement and the parish pastoral plan;
• Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs;
• Reflecting on diocesan pastoral priorities and recommending how they can be implemented in the parish.


  • Fr. Julian Studden
  • Deacon Ted d’Haene
  • Shannon Isaac
  • Mark Quintin
  • Chris Jacyk (Acting Chairperson)

In the Code of Cannon Law, the church requires each parish to organize a Finance Council. In Canon 537, the Code offers the following instructions:
Each parish is to have a Finance Council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this Council the Christian Faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescription of canon 532.


  • Fr. Julian Studden
  • Shannon Pearson, Alice Hanson, Marga Drage  – Coordinators for Altar Servers
  • Cherie Lamont – Coordinator for Children’s Liturgy
  • Lisa Revoy and Heather Angele – Coordinators for Church Decorating Committee
  • Tina Steffler – Coordinator for Commentators
  • Heidi Pack – Coordinator for Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Mike Perri – Coordinator for Music Ministry
  • Patricia Omo-Amadasun– Coordinator for Proclaimers
  • Cathy Petek – Coordinator for RCIA
  • Melissa Foster – Coordinator for Sacristans
  • Keith Sander – Coordinator for Ushers & Greeters
  • Sr. Lucille Field – Chairperson