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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. In order to assist you with your plans regarding the prayer celebration for this special day, St. Paul’s Parish offers these guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions please call or email us.

Contact the Parish Office at least six months before your planned wedding date.  Provide your contact information to make an appointment with Fr. Bob or Fr. Thomas for an Initial Interview.   If your wedding is taking place in another province or overseas, the marriage papers should be completed at least six weeks before your wedding date.

Both parties, if Roman Catholic, must have a copy of their Baptismal Certificate dated six months prior to the marriage.

Civil law requires that every couple intending marriage in the Province of Alberta obtain an Alberta Marriage License. This license can be purchased at the AMA or at any Registry Office and is valid for 3 months.

Diocesan policy prohibits weddings beginning later than 5:00 pm on Saturdays. Weddings are not scheduled on Sunday.

There are some times in the church year when the liturgical calendar discourages the celebration of weddings, for example from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Marriage Preparation Courses

Marriage Preparation is mandatory.  Currently we do not have a Marriage Preparation Course running at St. Paul’s.  Places, dates and times will be provided for courses after completion of the initial marriage interview.


Certain music is not acceptable, with this in mind, the music chosen for your wedding should express a clear relation to God. As a couple, you may have the ‘perfect song’ that you wish to use during the ceremony, but if it is not appropriate it might be more fitting to play at the reception.

If you don’t have your own musician and music, please contact the parish office at least 2 months prior to your ceremony.

Please be aware that there are rules regarding the copying of words and music. It is illegal to violate copyright by photocopying words and/or music without permission of the copyright holder.

Photos and Video

The photographer is required to attend the rehearsal since there are some limitations which he/she is asked to respect and to consult with the priest or deacon.

Photographers are not free to roam the church during the ceremony.

Photographers are not permitted in the sanctuary area.

Please inform the congregation not to move into the aisles to take photographs.


Any decoration in the church are the responsibility of the couple.  Flowers are not to be placed on the altar.  And all flowers for the altar area should be live, if possible, or discuss this with the priest.

The ‘Unity Candle’ is strictly a commercial product of which no mention is made in the liturgical rites or book of the church. It has no history or tradition behind it and for this reason we do not include it in weddings celebrated in our parish.

Hall Rental

We do not rent out our Hall for events such as wedding receptions, wedding rehearsals and sacrament receptions.


The rehearsal, usually the day before the wedding,  is for every person involved and they should be there for the practice.  Rehearsal time will be determined by the couple and priest/deacon. It is important that your readers be present in order to practice with the sound system.  It is to be a simple walk through the marriage ceremony.  Please do not invite people who are not directly involved with rehearsal ‘just to watch’.

As there are other pastoral commitments for the church and the clergy, your consideration is appreciated.

Your Wedding Day

You are asked to be PUNCTUAL for the scheduled wedding time. Weddings are scheduled to prevent congestion at the church entrance and parking areas. Please be courteous to others and not keep them waiting for their scheduled wedding.

Marriage Counseling

See Retrouvaille Calgary

Questions can be directed to:

  • Parish Secretary; Phone: 403-948-5394 (Press 6), Email