Sacrament of Baptism for Infants/Children/Youth

Baptism is the gift of new Life. It is an expression of faith and through it we become a part of our Christian community where we experience the presence of the risen Christ.

No Baptisms are scheduled during lent.

Baptism Requirements for Infants and Children 0-6yrs:

  • The parents are to complete a Baptism Preparation Course either at St. Paul’s or at another parish. The Baptism Course does not need to be repeated when baptizing another child in the future at St. Paul’s. Please check the below links for dates and times of the Baptism Preparation Course.
  • The registration fee for Baptism Preparation Class is $25 per family, payable on the day of the class with only cash or cheque, payable to St. Paul’s Parish.
  • We must have a copy of one of the Catholic Parents Baptism Certificates.  At least one Godparent must be baptized and Confirmed Catholic.  A copy of the Godparent’s Confirmation certificate, or an annotated baptism certificate indicating the date of Confirmation must be submitted.  A Catholic Profession of Faith certificate noting Confirmation is also acceptable.
  • We require a copy of the birth certificate of the child to be baptized.
  • Stole Fees can be given to the celebrant (priest or deacon).  Stole Fees are free will offerings given by the laity to clergy for different rites or ceremonies associated with the church.  There is no defined amount and tax reciepts are not issued for stole fees.  Please mark the envelope as “Stole fee”.

Baptism Requirements for Children and Youth 7- 17yrs.

  • As above along with the following additions.
  • Fee of $10. for Parent/Child study material.
  • Meet with Sacrament Coordinator to discuss and pickup Parent/Child study material.
  • A Parent/Child Baptism booklet needs to be completed (allow approx.12 weeks to complete)
  • Parent & Child meet with the Sacramental Coordinator upon completion of the booklet.
  • Youth ages 15-17 may prepare on their own, age appropriate material along with an interview will need to be completed.  Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator for all necessary information.

Baptism Preparation Course Dates

Baptism Dates for Infants/Children/Youth


Online Application Form for Baptism

Questions can be directed to:

Sacramental Coordinator: Heidi Pack and Suzanne Regnier


Phone: 403.948.5394 option 6   Fax: 403.948.0160